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Symptoms of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

People with SLE will experience symptoms that can manifest themselves either quickly (over a few days) or slowly (even over a couple of months). Since so many different organs can be affected, there can be a wide variety of symptoms. They oftentimes manifest themselves more prominently in the winter months because of a build up due to prolonged exposure to the sunlight in the summer. The symptoms are typically the same for both men and women. People with these symptoms should seek the diagnosis of a medical professional.

The dominant lupus symptoms are:
Extreme fatigue or tiredness.
Pain and swelling in the joints (arthritis).
Rash. A malar rash (also called butterfly rash) might appear on the face. It goes across the nose and cheeks like an enormous nasal strip. You might also get the rash on any other areas that are exposed to the sun.

Other symptoms of lupus are:
low red blood cells count (anemia) or hemoglobin, or low volume of blood
swollen feet (edema), hande, legs, around the eyes
chest pain while breathing deeply (pleurisy)
sun or ultraviolet light sensitivity (photosensitivity)
loss of hair
blood clotting (abnormal clotting)
fingers turning blue or white when they are cold
ulcers in the nose or mouth
swollen glands

If you are diagnosed with lupus, you doctor will work out a treatment plan.

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